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The days are long but the years are short, says Gretchen Rubin. 

These days seem particularly long which means we need all the support we can get. Join us for our good company, especially on your difficult days. 

At Caring Our Way, we:

  • engage in meaningful conversions. We choose a new theme every six months to inspire our content, our events and conference, and our initiatives. Our current theme, Treasured Transformations, reminds us that challenges can evolve into treasures.
  • invite you to enroll in our courses which help you manage your days and this time of your life. Courses include The Daily Healing Plan, Healing Your Caregiving Fatigues and Flashlight Camp. We offer both free and paid courses.
  • offer you the opportunity to connect with our Certified Caregiving Consultants, individuals with a personal caregiving experience who completed our specialized training.

We’ll share our wisdom gained during The Caring Conference, which will take place November 10, 2022. Members of the Caring Our Way community will have the opportunity to share their lessons learned in sessions they lead at the virtual conference.

Our virtual event in April 2021, The Caring Conference: Our Resilient Spirit was a hit! Attendees said:

"This was the Best Conference that I have been to !!!!”

"Great conference! Thanks to all presenters for sharing your insight and knowledge. Lots of food for thought!  So helpful."

"This was a wonderful experience. Thank you."

You can watch the archives of the 2021 conferences after joining our community.

You’ll want to join us if you want connect to support to manage your long days. You’ll also want to join us if you want to turn your transformations into treasures you share with others. Your treasure can become your conference presentation or artwork or photography. You also write your book, start your podcast, or begin a video show. You also can start dating, launch a new business or decide to find your good health.

Denise M. Brown, founder of The Caregiving Years Training Academy, hosts our community. She launched her first online community in 1996 and has been supporting individuals through difficult times since 1990. She regularly organizes and hosts national conferences and in-person virtual events. She completed life coach training in 2004 and uses the skills she learned to share encouraging words and comforting perspectives. Learn more about Denise.

Rick Tamlyn, Denise’s business coach, regularly says, “The mess becomes your message.” What challenges you during your life becomes the content about your life you use to help others. In other words, when you have a tough day, you’ve just added another chapter to your book. When we can look at difficult times from a distance, we can learn more about how we cope. What we learn becomes what we can teach through presentations, books and training programs.

Denise believes that support leads to transformations which creates a story that others will want to hear. She also knows that transformations creates more and more opportunities. When we have opportunities, we have a future.

We so look forward to connecting with you!

Master Class in Creation

We're here to support you as you make the most of your days. We understand the stresses, challenges and worries. 

We’re also here to help you create your treasured transformations and to encourage you as you develop a presentation or workshop, the outline for your book or an idea for a podcast. Keeping us posted on your progress will inspire us in our initiative. Our real-life experiences become our classroom from we learn what works. Our community becomes the lunchroom and dinner table where we gather to compare notes and talk out ideas. Our conference becomes the stage for to present and share your work. In addition to workshops and sessions, our conference will include an art show and a word show.

Join Us

With transformation comes doubts and worries and stress. We often feel these difficult emotions silently. We don’t want to burden our family members or friends so plow through the problems. We also can find it difficult to connect with others who understand our stress. We all deserve an opportunity to vent our frustrations and express our worries. When you join us, you can. 

In our community, you can share updates, pose questions, write blog posts, and connect with us in our monthly member chats. You can download our app (see below) in order to keep us posted when you can. Our app becomes your safe place, a space that’s just for you to share honestly about your day.

You also can join our Three Positives group, which prompts you to notice three positives in your day, and our special 30-day challenges like Be Courageous and our Be Better.

You can get feedback from us about your presentation proposal you’ll submit for a chance to speak at our upcoming conference, The Caring Conference. When others in your network join us through your invitation, you’ll be rewarded with time with Denise to discuss your presentation idea. 

Finally, you can receive encouragement as you work through your creative process. You can show us your creation in progress so we can cheer you on to finish.

Doubt will steal our transformations. Our community will help you stay transformed. Our wisdom gained will inspire us.

A Think Tank

We’re like a think tank focused on better crafting transformation. How does an individual and a community keep the energy that transformation requires? How does an individual committed to supporting others impact a community? How does a community focused on creating and sharing good work change the world?

Our insights will become our sessions during The Caring Conference, a special virtual event taking place on November 10, 2022. In addition, we’ll host an art show and word show during our conference.

We need thinkers and creators and believers just like you to join us.

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