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About Us

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The days are long but the years are short, says Gretchen Rubin. 

These days seem particularly long which means we need all the support we can get. Join us for our good company, especially on your difficult days. 

At Caring Our Way, we:

  • give and get insights, information and inspirations through The Encyclopedia of Family Caregiving. We’re collecting your stories, recommendations and wisdom to help others.
  • engage in meaningful conversions through our events, workshops and conferences. Be sure to check our Events section to register to join us.
  • invite you to enroll in our courses which help you manage your days and this time of your life. Courses include The Encyclopedia of Family Caregiving, The Daily Healing Plan, Healing Your Caregiving Fatigues and Flashlight Camp. We offer both free and paid courses.
  • offer you the opportunity to connect with our Certified Caregiving Consultants, individuals with a personal caregiving experience who completed our specialized training.

You also will have opportunities to present at our various events. We welcome the change to spotlight your wisdom. 

Denise M. Brown, founder of The Caregiving Years Training Academy, hosts our community. She launched her first online community in 1996 and has been supporting individuals through difficult times since 1990. She regularly organizes and hosts national conferences and in-person virtual events. She completed life coach training in 2004 and uses the skills she learned to share encouraging words and comforting perspectives. Learn more about Denise.

Support for You

We're here to support you as you make the most of your days. We understand the stresses, challenges and worries. 

You can share updates, join our chats, and take our courses, including The Daily Recovery Plan and The Daily Healing Plan. You also can start your day with our Good Morning messages, posted every week day.

Join Us

During our difficult days, we can struggle with our challenging emotions, which we often feel silently. We don’t want to burden our family members or friends so plow through the problems. We also can find it difficult to connect with others who understand our stress. We all deserve an opportunity to vent our frustrations and express our worries. When you join us, you can. 

In our community, you can share updates, pose questions, write blog posts, and connect with us in our member chats. You can download our app (see below) in order to keep us posted when you can. Our app becomes your safe place, a space that’s just for you to share honestly about your day. You also can join our special 30-day challenges like Be Courageous and our Be Better.

We're looking forward to connecting with you and sharing our support with you.